“I’m just so upset”


*Interaction I just had*


Me- welcome to the place I work, how can I help you today

C- well I wanted to see if this business took their payment out yet

Me- *look for payment* I’m not seeing it at this time. It looks like last time it used the account and routing number. So It’s very possible that the payment, while it typically comes out today, is delayed by one day because the government observed 4th of July on Monday. Which takes away one business day for processing, and it takes about 2-3 before a payment request using the account number can be fully processed.

C- hm. I’m honestly shocked it hasn’t come through yet… I wonder why that is. *sigh followed by long pause*

Me- ………well sir *reexplains everything*

C- I’m going to hang up now. I’m just so upset they haven’t taken the payment yet. And I just don’t understand why. There’s no reason they should be waiting.



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