I’m calling to sell herbal intimacy enhancers… Actually wait, do you carry Avatar?


I used to work outbound B2B sales for a call center that sold what was basically herbal Viagra (or as we called them, herbal intimacy enhancers). At first, our leads list was comprised of health food stores. Most of the people we’d contact knew about herbal intimacy enhancers, so it didn’t get awkward and was always professional.

Well, once we’d called every health food store in the country our bosses asked if we’d feel comfortable calling adult video stores/adult stores, some of which also sell intimacy enhancers. Me and the other girl working the job were like hey, why not. We also got a new guy working with us, who was extremely nervous and obviously felt awkward talking about the product we were selling.

The thing is, this new leads list was terrible: in addition to adult stores and adult video stores, the list also contained regular mom ‘n pop video stores! Try calling a regular video store to sell herbal intimacy enhancing supplements – it gets awkward REAL FAST! Anyway, me and the girl developed a new tactic where we’d ask right out the gate if the video store was an adult one, before launching into our spiel. If it wasn’t an adult store, we’d thank them for their time politely end the call.

The new awkward dude didn’t quite master our technique. I overheard him have a conversation that went like this:

Agent: Hello, I’m calling from <supplement company nam>, I’m calling to about <suggestively named herbal supplement>.

Video store employee: What?

Agent: Wait, are you an adult video store?

Video store employee: No, we’re a regular video store.

Agent: *super awkward pause* Uhhhhhm, do you carry the movie Avatar?

Me and the other girl cracked up listening to him try to get out of the call by pretending to be a customer. Needless to say he didn’t work there for long.


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