I’m about to lose my mind


My supervisor:

-marks themselves as OFFLINE, then gets upset when you don’t contact them with questions. We are working from home, so it’s not like I can see when they are at their desk… which it seems like they seldom are.

-instead of answering a question, first they will ask you why you don’t know the answer. Then they will take a screenahot of the answer and circle it with bold red markings so my dumb ass can’t miss it. Then they will ask what the problem is and why I didn’t know that before.

-become agitated if you ask a question from a training you took months ago. “Don’t you remember the training from January??” So instead of quickly answering with what they obviously retained, they will chastise you thoroughly for being forgetful and imperfect, and will then answer the question.

-be afk and unresponsive for hours, then will berate you if nobody answers your question/needs and you make a judgment call.

-when confronted with these responses/behaviors, they will avoid the issue and just say “I told you what you asked, what’s the problem?”

I don’t know why they are so defensive and mean, but I’m sick of feeling like I’m a fucking idiot because I forget or overlook something and circle back to make sure I do my job right.

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