“I expect you to to pick up in 30 seconds!”


I work for a financial company. I had a guy call in ranting about how user unfriendly the website was and how long wait times were, and how it’s so stupid that he has to wait to speak to sorry I’m not the one who designed any of this. I even called you back so I could verify you. I’d be happy to help you but you don’t seem to have an issue you want me to fix. All you seem to want to do is rant.

I tried explaining that I was sorry but we are not only coming off a 3 day weekend and have to deal with everyone we turned away but that Robinhood threw a huge wrench into our business due to all the TOAs. He just got mad at me for “making excuses” and to get a manager. I warned him it could be a wait but it just pissed him off more. Saying I had 2 minutes or I don’t even know. Thankfully I got a bite in 90 seconds.

Take a chill pill man.


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