Help me to Understand this Scenario please 😕


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So we currently are doing some roleplays and I came across with this Scenario

The customer wants to make a change in her hotel reservation she wanted to add 1 more room

the policy says that Cancellations or Changes made after 3:00 pm on may 16 or no shows are subject to a property fee equals to the first nights rate plus taxes and fees

Change of plans? No problem you can cancel for free before sat.may 16

in the first roleplay The customer was calling on january 16 at 5 pm

And in the second roleplay the customer was calling on may 16 at 5 pm

So I understand is that that the change are allowed without any extra fee on the roleplay where the customer is calling on january 16 since she still had a lot of time to make changes she will pay only for the extra room but the information doesn’t show the price of 1 night it only shows the total price for the 2 nights plus taxes wich is $138.00 taxes per night $23.86 and the customer wanted to know how much she needs to pay for the new room so how I was suppose to do the math?? To calculate the prise..

And in the second one since the customer is not in the right time frame we can change it but a fee equals the first night plus taxes will be applied how I was suppose to say that and how much? And may e another option would have been to make a new reservation with including the extra room but what will happen with the old one ? Well the policy says cancelations are free before may 16 please help 😕


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