“Being abusive is a healthy expression of emotion!”


As a tech support specialist for a software suite for businesses, “Website guys” are the bane of my existence.

Our software comes with a website that’s tied to the main system. It’s your website, you can advertise it, customize it to an extent, get SEO assistance from us, ect as long as you’re paying for the service. What you *can’t* do is mess around with the HTML/CSS code – you’re limited to the templates and customization options that are available. The amount of customization is limited for a web design perspective, but it’s meant to be user friendly for all types of clients.

For reasons I have never understood, almost every single “website guy” we’ve ever dealt with is a nasty, argumentative, borderline psychotic piece of work. We’re talking waaay worse than your standard Karen. I seriously can’t think of a single one who hasn’t been a horrible excuse of a human being.

Last month’s firecracker was Sr. Pissant, who was a website guy/personal assistant hired by one of our newer clients. Pissant couldn’t talk to a single human being without being condescending and rude. He was always disproportionally upset about something, and even the most mundane of questions seemed to warrant him just cussing you out or making cutting remarks about your intelligence/competency at your job.

Also, since tech support is on inbound calls, a few of us got calls from a number where the person was just screaming and cursing unintelligibly before hanging up. It was always Pissant.

Pissant was banned from contacting our teams after a particularly bad call in which he spent 45 minutes verbally tearing into someone on another team. Nothing productive related to the actual issue was accomplished; he just sat there and quite literally bullied this person for their entire scheduled time. They never were able to address the actual issue. All he wanted to do was rip into them – nothing else mattered to him, it would seem.

The manager of that department went to HR immediately. HR, now having more than enough evidence, went ahead and banned Pissant from contacting anyone at the company.

When Pissant’s boss, Steve, was looped in regarding his employee’s behavior, the reaction was more or less a resounding /shrug. After a couple of paragraphs disparaging our company for our poor customer service and slow response times (a bold faced lie, we had never taken more than 24 hours to get back to them on anything at that point), Steve had this (paraphrased for safety) to say:

“Our company believes in freedom of expression and don’t think it’s healthy to hold onto negative emotions when you are feeling frustrated. We don’t think cussing is rude. ”

The good news is that he’s not allowed to contact us anymore. The bad news is that he’ll probably keep doing this at every company he works with, and will likely never seek mental help.

TL;DR: Company blatantly ignores that big bold line between “frustrated customer” and “sociopath.”


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