Does management or queue workers notice if someone is manipulating the system?

I have very good performance each week. Recently, I have started to “manipulate the queue” by going into another aid or code for a few seconds and then going back into auto in Avaya. I do not see it as a major thing, but do they really look at consistency on that or are they more worried about who leaves and gets to work on time or performance? I do not avoid calls.

What do you think?

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  1. Doing this is worse than poor performance. It’s theft as you reset your place in the queue thus being paid not to work. It’s avoidance. I’ve seen top performers get fired for this.

  2. They know what you’re doing and will probably reach out if it becomes a habit, just like coming in late. Even a few seconds can count as call avoidance if u do it every time after a call. But then again, it might take months for them to reach out, and as long as you change those habits after they reach out, I’m sure they won’t fire you. 🙂

  3. Management does look at this. If your boss is busy it may take a while, but there is reporting & it’ll eventually get noticed. Call queues route the call to the agent who has been available the longest. If you go into another code, your clock starts over so you ARE avoiding calls & it’s not fair to your coworkers. You’re volume will be lower & your not ready time will be higher waving red flags to management.

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