What is it with people being pissed because they need to pay for what they used?


Rant here. I work at an isp/mobile provider. It’s invoice time and every single month people are pissed because they used more then they had in their contracts. Asking at least half if not the whole invoice to be credited. With high enough invoices we give them a little back with a max of $20,- but it is never enough for those people. So I am ruining the days and life’s of people just because they don’t want to pay attention or have the security options.

Last call the woman said I didn’t care cause she threatened to go to another provider and I didn’t jump at this to cancel her invoice or apologize profoundly. Honestly I don’t care, it’s your mistake don’t blame me for it. And I refuse to apologize where I or the company I work for don’t have any blame.


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