Sorry for the (in)Convenience.


What gets me confused is when people get upset about things that are a positive confirmation.

I had helped someone last month with their accounts. An account was supposed to have been paid off, and it genuinely wasn’t the caller’s fault (actually a third party), but of course someone’s gotta be the strawman, right?

But they call again… six weeks later.

Me: “Hello thank you for calling LocalFinancialInstitution, this is Grahckheuhl, how can I help you?”

Customer: “Yes my name is Customer, you’re the one who helped me last month?”

Me: “… Oh, uh…”

Customer: “Anyways whatever it was about getting a loan paid off that the dealership messed up.”

If someone explains what happened as well, I generally will remember with that and their name.

Me: “Oh, yes!” still pulling up account. “What can I help with?”

Customer: “I got an email saying my automatic payments won’t go through this month!”

Me: “Ah, was there a different loan or…” I don’t see any other loans. “Was it regarding the loan that was closed?”

Customer: “It’s paid off, that’s correct! But why did I get this email??”

Me: “The email saying it’s… been paid off…?”

Customer: “NO! About my payment not coming out this month!”

My voice was beginning to sound out my confusion, but then remembered if people setup auto payments online, technically we can’t change that ourselves. They would have to. Such as in this case! Because it’d go to an account that no longer exists though, obviously that’s an exception.

Me: “Looks like it’s just a confirmation that, even though an automatic payment wasn’t cancelled, we won’t take it out since it’s paid off.”

Customer: “Well it SHOULDN’T come out! Why did I get this email??”

Me: “To confirm that we did indeed stop those payments, on basis that the account is closed?”

Customer: “Well take me off your email list!! I don’t want to keep getting emails from you, it’s annoying!”

Me: “You can always delete it?”

Customer: “But it says to call in case you have any questions!”

*Narrator: Customer did not have any questions.*

Me: “That’s just if you see something that’s wrong, and a general reminder.”

Customer: “I just don’t like looking at those emails! They’re so aggravating to see!”

Me: “You don’t have to?”

Customer: “Oh just take me off that email list! I never want to have to talk to LocalFinancialInsititution ever again!!”

And they hung up.

I kinda just sat there blinking a couple times, like I’d just woken up from a dream, wondering if that was real or not. Literally the most minor of minor– no, you know what, I’m not going to grace that call with any legitimacy by calling that an inconvenience. That’s how minor that self-created problem was on their own behalf. Eh well, back to the grind.

Also I did not take them off that email list. Because there isn’t one.


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