Some manager asks for my user, skillset and team number. What could this mean?


So I asked and they said some people were added incorrectly to their reporting forms. Which seems like a phony answer.

I did have 2 manager requests in a row one time. But neither of which were my fault.

1 was the person was asking why their application was rejected. They were sent a letter but the rejected because was left blank. So I escalated it as per procedure, just the page doesn’t have a time frame. So they asked for a manager.

Next one was that type of narcissist hag. Beginning of the call. I asked 2 questions to verify her identity. She got 1 wrong so I ask more, she’s demanding explanation of these questions which I can’t provide because she hasn’t passed. I explain this and try to move on. Then she’s like I don’t like your voice it’s like your forced to ask me these questions. Clearly ego tripping you can hear it in their voice.

Edit: Another thing is that manager seems to have taken leave (showing as offline in internal messaging past few days). Could be waiting till I been dealt with.


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How do you guys cope when quitting is not an option?

Ya’ll I can’t with some of these customers