Seriously did they think nobody would ever know


I work for a three letter company that specializes in ERS and membership benefits.

First guy calls me up. Hey I need ERS, I start verifying him, inform him he was canceled. He starts getting pretty sad and quiet and just goes: I didn’t think she hated me so much, crazy bitch ex wife really canceled me. We got him reinstated, got him road service. He was very sweet but obviously upset.

Second guy calls up. Hello I need ERS. Same gig. He tells me his number, I inform him he’s suspended. He assures me he just paid his mother for our membership like he has for many years. I check out his mom’s membership and she has been suspended for over 12 years. He apologized and said he’d call someone to figure it out, got upset about where the money was truly going.

Not the most interesting stories I have but kinda weird they were back to back.


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