Do you REALLY work there?


So long time lurker, first time poster (methinks).
I’m doing this on mobile so blame my thumbs and swiping ability for typos.

I got the call that I’ve been waiting for since I started working for THE he most hated call center on earth. You all know who I’m talking about. The big 3 letters that strike fear and anger into the hearts of many.

Customer calls in to set up a payment plan for recent balance.
M moi
C cranky cathy

M: “Thank you for calling *scary not scary entity* my name is aiwantbettershit and my badge number is *classified* how can I help you with your balance due issue today?”

C: ” I want to set up a payment plan for the new bal on my acct.”

M: “Sure, looks like we have to add another balance that we haven’t paid off.”

C: “There shouldn’t be another balance on the acct, I just want to set up a bal for the NEW balance.”

M: “Ma’am I have to do either both or neither. I can’t have you pay on one balance and not the other.”

C: “I don’t know what you’re seeing but obviously it’s wrong because I set up an arrangement for that last year!! Are you sure you even work there?”

M: ” Yes I’m sure I work here. We can’t pick what years to include or not include in a payment arrangement.”


M: ” I can send you your acct so you can see there’s a bal”-*click*

I swear I don’t understand why people get angry with ME that THEY don’t pay their bills.


What do you think?

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