One of our drivers got robbed last night.


I didn’t talk to the driver myself. This happened on the night shift but they told us about this morning and you guys…this lady was insane.

First, for those that don’t know, I work ERS as a dispatcher. One of our drivers got on location for a call. When he arrived, the member left and left behind a female who we later find out was his wife. He hooked up the vehicle to his truck and was all set to go but the members wife went into his truck and took his truck keys, his phone, his work tablet, and his personal keys.

Then she was climbing on the back of his truck which is not allowed. She was trying to say that she needed stuff out of the car, which was already hooked up. This is not allowed for safety issues. He kept telling her to get down but she wouldn’t listen and ended up getting belligerent. She was screaming so loud, that my coworker could hear her in the background when the driver called in.

Obviously, the police were called. She threatened to shoot the police. The police ended up needing backup because she was just so crazy. My coworker even heard the police say that this lady was a whole knew level of crazy. She tried saying our driver pushed her off the truck when he didn’t and that she was recording everything and that was why she couldn’t call the cops. She also said that she didn’t consent. Know one knows what she wasn’t consenting to though.

She ended up taking off and police had to chase her down. They ended up tracking her down to another city. The driver got his keys back but she chucked his work tablet off somewhere. I don’t know about the rest. My coworker was on the phone with the driver for 90 minutes the first time and then another 30 minutes the 2nd time. The police cleared the vehicle to be towed but after this stunt, we refused service.

We called the member to advise him but we couldn’t get through to him. My supervisor wonders if it was a set up because the member left as soon as the driver arrived but who knows.


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