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First time poster on this sub. This also happened a few years ago so it’s hard to remember details.

I used to work in a call center for a cable company. One day, I get a call from an elderly customer who seems to be very nice. I get his account loaded and verified and quickly skim over his products as I am doing my introduction. I noticed that he subscribed to a few porn channels. This is not a big deal to me because lots of people surprisingly subscribe to those.

As I asked how I could help him, he started asking me questions about a certain episode on a certain channel in a very round about way. I think I know what he is talking about, but I play dumb as I do not want to assume and really make an a** out of myself. So, I probe him for more details.

Oh boy, the details I get…

The customer wanted me to find a certain episode on a certain channel where there were “2 girls and 1 boy” doing this and that. Now that I confirmed that I knew what he was talking about, I was trying to figure out exactly how I might be able to help this customer. I certainly wasn’t going to use my usual method of looking up the page online.

I asked the customer to get on his computer and try looking up the website to see if they have any information about their episodes. The customer suddenly turns rude and begins to yell and accuse me of being stupid and not willing to help him. He demands to speak to my manager.

My manager is a very nice young lady and I didn’t want this customer to speak to her in the same filthy manner that he spoke to me. I start a hold with the customer and then briefly explain the details to her and request permission to just end the call due to the customer verbally abusing me. My manager states that since he requested a manager, we have to comply and she thanks me for the warning and takes the call.

I stand at her side as she has a conversation with the customer. During the conversation, I watch her face go from a normal look, to a frown, to a slightly disgusted look, to a horrified look at which point she rips the headset off and tells me to hang up immediately. I later found out that he started describing in detail what he wanted to watch and he requested that we put that film up next for him. When my manager tried explaining that we were not the people that ran that channel and didn’t have any say over it, the customer started demanding for us to make it right now, “because there are plenty of people there” that he could hear.

After the call, I put out a customer alert over a message group that we all have access to just so others could be prepared if he called back. I never did hear from anyone that they got a call back from him that day.


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