How can you even breathe?


I hate when I’m trying to take down info for a prior auth and I ask for the Dr’s info and the exchange is always like

Me: can you confirm the dr’s office fax number?

Asst: 928*speaking as fast as they possibly can*

Me: I’m sorry, could you repeat that please? I heard 928..

Asst: *speaking faster* 7098

Me: …ok. Well could you confirm the office address please?

Asst: parkavenuesuite857wyomingnewjersey77804

Me: *barely heard the street name* …..ok.

Listen, I don’t like having to ask you to repeat yourself 100 times anymore than you like having to do so. I can type pretty fast, but not THAT fast so don’t be pissed when you don’t get your info sent to the right place, butthole. I give up trying and just put down what I heard, wether it’s right or not isn’t my problem.


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And now she can speak.

No you aren’t going to receive your items during a tropical storm.