Do not call list only applies to telemarketers and if you just hang up – all we do is put you in “redial at a later date”


Last position was a market research interviewer. ( Aka a job where no one answers the phone and no one takes the survey.
(In a 8 hour shift the most i had ever gotten was 4 or 5 people)
Looking at the score card, you will see many working a 8 hour shift, never getting to do a survey.
So many people have this thought that if you scream at someone to “take me off your do not call this !!!” That that’s what they are going to do.
It’s not.
That only applies to telemarketers so…. (Thankfully the company I worked for was nice enough to not have us call that person ever again. But that was just them being nice).
Many people just hanging up as soon as I said my intro script..too dense to realize we just have to keep calling you back now because you never said you weren’t interested.
And then proceed to get mad at US as if it’s our fault.

Me: hi I’m doing a poll for xxx it’s abou-
and I so bad wantEd to say “well if you just would have said that on the first call instead of silence and then hang up the first 10 times, we both could have saved some time here…

I’m not gonna lie I do this too to unwanted calls. But atleast I’m smart enough to know they are clearly going to call me back…


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