Can I offer constructive criticism?


No. No you may not.

I work in a diagnostic center in central scheduling. Had a patient call in today. We received the order from her doctor on 8/19 and have been unsuccessfully trying to reach her to schedule.

When I offered her an appointment a few days out, she was a little upset, but I let her know we needed to wait on her insurance authorization, so I scheduled it out to give them time.

Patient: Can I offer constructive criticism?

Me: Um, sure go ahead.

Patient: When you received this request on the 19th, don’t you think you should have requested the authorization then? Wouldn’t that be proactive?

ME: Ma’am, we don’t request authorization until we make an appointment. We have patients that don’t want to do exams at all or would prefer to do them in a hospital or another facility. We won’t do anything without the patient’s permission.

Patient: Oh. Well yeah I guess just schedule me for that date. I may just go to the ER if I can’t wait.

Me: OK. You’re welcome to do that, ma’am.

**Verifies the rest of the details I need and scheduled.

Also, if you’re doctor ordered it on 8/19 and it’s now 8/26, it doesn’t suddenly become an emergency to schedule you. You waited to get back to us. Gtfo.


What do you think?

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