Basically broke down at work (1 month in), feel pathetic and stupid


I work in a sales focused call centre. Basically this entire week has been crappy and extremely stressful. I’ve only gotten 1 good call in the many I’ve taken, the rest have been angry or snarky older people. Everyday this week I have gone home feeling exhausted and sulky. Today after I spent 2 hours completely confused on how to deal with a very difficult call for my knowledge level, I asked my manager to come over and I asked if I could go home.

She tried to talk me down, I opened up to her that I’m starting to feel like this jobs not for me, that I don’t come to work to be abused all day, that I feel like I was misleaded by her because she told us only 3% of our calls were going to be angry service calls, etc. She tried to be comforting but she just went to tell me about how her old boss told her to get over it. Which felt like an indirect way to tell *me* to get over it. So I told her I felt condescended to. Neither of us were angry, but I did start to get heated when I felt like my concerns were being brushed off. Like, guys…I went into work today extremely happy and excited, I wanted to get shit done! I even bought donuts for my entire team to boost morale. And yet there I was in my cubicle about ready to breakdown, crying to my manager, feeling like a weak idiot for it all the while.

How do you guys deal with the stress this job brings? How do you move on from that? Have any of you had a similar experience as me here just so I can stop cringing at me sulking to my boss. 🙁


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