Apparently it was my fault that the product he wants, doesn’t exist


For context, I work for a company that supplies home goods, both off the shelf and bespoke.

This guy calls, saying he’s been looking all over for a product that will go into these specific wall plugs. I said that sadly, we don’t have any wall plugs like that or sell wall coverings that will fit into them. Good god, you would have thought that I would have just shot his children.
He flew into a rage and was saying that he wanted to speak to a man (I’m a woman) because I couldn’t possibly know what I was talking about.

I’ve been at the company for years, I know what products we have. What he wanted, doesn’t exist with the wall plugs he wanted. I gave him other options and suggestions, did everything I could to try and point him in the right direction. He still asked to speak to a man. Nah. Fuck that.

He left a bad review, even though he didn’t even buy anything. It was all very strange.


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