Such a nice change

I work for emergency roadside assistance. We had this call today were this driver went to go tow this vehicle but when he got there, the vehicle had been sitting for years and was full of junk that had to be removed before it could be towed because it was hazardous. Plus it had no plates on the vehicle and no tailgate.

Well we couldn’t tow it because of all the above. It has to be unloaded and have valid plates. Well the member started throwing stuff out of the truck but there was some stuff that was to heavy for her so she called her son to help but when he got there, he started cussing at the driver and demanding that he tow the vehicle anyways.

Our drivers don’t tolerate this kind of behavior so he left and adv he would not be going back out. I called the member to adv it wasn’t covered and was fully expecting to get screamed at. I was NOT expecting the member to start bad mouthing her son and telling me how she left him behind and that there was no reason for him to act like that and that if she could have given him money, she would have.

Such a nice change from getting yelled at.

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