Should I quit? I don’t know if I’d be giving up a decent job.

I’m currently working for a company that handles recalls for other companies and the current assignment I’m on is very stressful. It’s not the call load (I get about 20 calls per day over 8 hours) but the nature of those calls that is wanting to make me quit. The recall leaves customers in a bad position where they absolutely need this product but no replacement or timeframe is available, so I get very angry customers and it’s starting to drag on me.

I’ve been thinking of quitting but I don’t if I’d be giving up a relatively easy job due to the call load. I’m just looking for advice and opinions here to see what I should do. Thanks

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I’m more important than any other customer that asked for an appointment before me!

When I say I legally can’t give that infomation, I’m not going to give you the infomation