When I say I legally can’t give that infomation, I’m not going to give you the infomation

No you can’t have their membership number. No I won’t confirm their address, or mobile, or email. I’m not going to confirm who is on the membership, no you can not add yourself to the membership.

I don’t care that you are their mum, dad, daughter, son, wife or husband or the fucking pope!!!

If you are not the member, or on the member, or have point of authority, I don’t know who the fuck you are and I don’t care.

Sure you can pay for the membership, you can pay for anyone’s membership it doesn’t give you the right to the information, no matter how much you bully me, yell or scream. No matter if you ask for my manager, it won’t change the answer, we legally can not tell you!!!!

Oh and yes please do swear at me because then I have permission to hang on you.

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