I took on the owner of my call center and won!

So I have narcolepsy. But I haven’t had sleep studies since I was a child and wasn’t really medicated for it. But my anti depressants starting triggering episodes. Come to figure out, I had to eat more in order to stay awake. Why? I’m not sure, but it works. Problem is, I can’t always snack when I want. When there’s a queue, there’s a queue, right?

So we switched my shift to mornings so there would be no liability issues while I got my tests again. All is well, yes? We wouldn’t be here if it was though.

Halfway through my testing, all the while the owner sends me emails that he doesn’t believe narcolepsy is real, I get pulled into HR. They want me to resign and reapply once I get my diagnosis because it is taking too long for them. I am SO proud of myself as I sat through that meeting, agreeing with them so I could get the fuck out of there and make some calls.

Once off my shift, I called the Humans Rights Commission and sent them all the emails from the owner. Don’t even type what you know is wrong in this era of the “little snitch”. I had him by the balls.

The next day I go in, and purposely pick the new HR hire because I can scare her the most, and inform them that they must terminate me. That way I keep my rights, and was advised to go this route by a lawyer and the Humans Rights Commission. And that the report was filed and my case is ready.

Her face dropped! She tried to backpedal and say resigning would be easier. But I came back with, how do I know you will actually rehire me? This is already illegal so how can I trust you to keep your word? She just told me she would talk with the HR Admin and get back to me.

Three hours into my shift, I’m pulled into HR again. They look nervous and pissed at the same time. So I sit down and ask what’s up? Oh, you’re not going to fire me? Now there’s no time limit to get my diagnosis? You’ll actually accept my doctor’s notes now? I no longer have to argue to stay on shift? I wonder what made them so understanding so quickly…

Given, I had 5 episodes in 16 months. I’m safe when they happen, happens during the slow times mostly, and lasts less than an hour. And I’m fine losing that pay. The system logs you out if you’re inactive for five minutes during the busy times. So I get that part. Whatever, I still got a job. Plus I’m the third most senior grunt at my office. Sad, right? My stats are spectacular even with my narcolepsy. In my opinion, by looking at the stat comparison. They list stats everyday so everyone knows each others stats.

I even had an episode today, but my coworker helped stop it and keep me awake. She thinks it’s funny she has to ‘peep’ on me to make sure I’m alright. My supervisor woke me up once when it was only him and I on shift. He was laughing since I “Didn’t even make a pillow” for my head to rest on. I wish I had the time to always do that. Most times I just get somewhere mildly comfortable, just in case, while I try to fight it.

I know we all go to L&I, Department of Labor, etc, but I actually won while still at that job! Now the owner will not even look at me, let alone email me! I don’t know if I want to stay here much longer, but I’m going to finish my testing out there to shove medical proof in that bastard of a business owner’s face!

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