Casual racism?

Been a minute, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t gotten some downright ridiculous calls, just means I haven’t been able to choose the one that REALLY personifies stupid/shitty.

Anywho: Cas list- m-me c-customer

M- thank you for calling call center, my next is abblejacks how can I help you today?

C- do you live in the US??

(Pertinent Info– we are a 24 hr call center, we have an office overseas that answer calls and such during the time anyone in the US is sleeping)

M- yes?

C- do you live in (insert very specific name of city in us)?

Me- no?

C- well that doesn’t matter, anyway, the last rep I spoke with wanted my drivers license and I just didn’t feel comfortable giving THAT ACCENT my personal info.

First problem with this statement aside from the obvious: she called us! It wasn’t an outgoing call on our end.

Next and most obvious issue is the blatant racism. The amount of racism I hear at my job is astonishing.

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