“But I didn’t request an escrow analysis”

Literally just got off this call. Was almost 50 minutes.

Lady must have been a new home owner cuz it was only a year old.

She wanted to know why she had an escrow analysis done. Started the call off with was “this a typical one or did you request it”

She’s called in about it 3 times since July.

I explained it was just the typical one. She wanted me to read through the notes. The department that handles escrow is notoriously bad for noting so there wasn’t much to read and I had to just assume things.

About 30 minutes in she starts saying “I don’t want to go over that information. You need to answer my question”

So I tried 9 different ways to explain to her we didn’t request it, it’s done annually, etc.

After about 45 minutes total of me going in circles and her not understanding I told her I would escalate it to a supervisor. She needed a supervisor for another department. And as I’m sure a lot of you know most departments won’t just accept an escalation in a transfer so I was expecting it to be a real hassle.

The one good thing is it wasn’t this time. So I explained to the supervisor in the other department everything I told her and she said “well everything you said was right. Go ahead and bring it over and I can tell her again”.

But good god. Why call in asking a question about a VERY COMMON LITERALLY HAPPENS TO EVERY HOMEOWNER situation, not accept the answer, and end up being on the phone presumably for at least an hour factoring in the time she would have spent talking to the supervisor as well.

Happy Monday!

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