Time zones are tricky🤦🏼‍♀️

I work for a loan company and sometimes people want to know what time we’ll deposit the funds in their account. Sometimes people also ask where we’re located (to make conversation I guess?). Anyway that’s what happened today with my customer.

Customer: what time zone are you in?

Me: We’re central time.

Customer: oh me too!

Me seeing that his account information shows he lives in Virginia: Aren’t you in Virginia? (Sometimes I also ask this question because customers who live in states we do not service will apply for products in states we do service—as if we would have no way of finding out 🙄)

Customer: Yes, I’m in Virginia, but I’m in Central Virginia. So Central Time.”

Me: What time is it where you live?

Customer: it’s 2:53pm.

Me: Yeah, it’s 1:53pm Central Time, so it looks like you’re in Eastern Time.

Customer: oh I didn’t know that. I guess I am in Eastern Time.

This was a grown man too. How do people not know the time zone they’re in???

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