Why does my age have anything to do with this?

So I work for a call center for a tire company, that only does tires, alignments, rotations, etc. My job is making appointments for the stores, giving people information or transferring calls. I do not do any sales nor am I expected to sell services I make appointments for. People tell me what they want, I make the appointment, we move on.


Guy calls to ask for an alignment at a very busy store with no availability.

I’m honest in my explanation that: ” the store is booked and has no appointments for today. You are welcome to drop by as a walk – in but it doesn’t guarantee you service , I can look into tomorrow if you want “.

I’m kinda deadpan and disinterested in my inflection sometimes first thing in the morning but I’m literally being 100% honest with him. Corporate doesn’t let us not say the walk-in thing unless the store specifically gives us a “no” on walk-ins in their notes.

He goes into a rant about how out of touch with the world I am, that I’m turning away my paycheck, that there are 50 other places to get alignments .

Then he brings up my age ” you don’t sound older than your mid 20s, sweetheart, you’re so out of touch if you don’t think forcing me to go elsewhere doesn’t affect you! I pay your paycheck!”

I never forced him to go anywhere or not. I gave him the facts.

I just say: ” sir, I work in a call center. I cannot control the fact there’s no appointments left. I’ve literally given you the option corporate tells us to give you if there’s no appointments . “

This guy literally sounds maybe late 30s…I’m nearly 30 myself. Whole time I’m listening at this rant. I realized: this isn’t going anywhere. And I don’t know what else I can do, I literally cannot fit this douche into an appointment even if I wanted to.

If he was nicer I might have called the store myself and seen if I could pull strings, or see if another store nearby could take him. But I’m not moving heaven and earth for this guy. Nope.

I give up while ahead and hang up while he’s mid-rant. And I move onto the rest of my queue with a sour taste in my mouth for all of 5 minutes.

The end.

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