Prank calls

Odd story, but there’s nowhere else to really vent about it. I watched youtube video where a guy calls in as a prank, and basically sets out on a mission to see how far he can push the person on the other end of the phone. I used to really love these videos because for the most part they were harmless (genuinely harmless, I worked in a call center and would loe those calls). But this call was just frustrating to watch. He gets an angry ‘Middle Eastern’ accent, and just starts hounding on the guy he called about a game he bought not working properly. I could go into the actual issue, but it doesn’t really matter. The point is that he was yelling at the dude, interrupting him, telling him it was all his fault and he’s a terrible person for what he’s done, his game doesn’t work and the rep is the root of all evil because of it bla blah blah. It lasts at least fifteen minutes (if not longer, the video was edited to be 15), and you can hear the rep getting more and more frustrated that this angry customer isn’t listening to him or even letting him try to help, and I just wanted to say that that is not in any way a good prank call to make. As a rep, you can’t swear at people, you can’t really raise your voice or stand up for yourself, you have to do everything you can to help people and you get screamed at for things that you have no control over. A call like this, and it would be considered a really bad call on the receiving end of it, it’s just traumatizing. And people don’t realize that while they might be laughing about it and joking around because it’s just a prank to them, to the rep it’s serious, they’re getting ripped apart for no reason. By the end of the call, the rep gave warning that if he didn’t calm down or speak in a civil way he would end the call, and he wound up doing do. But the dude called back and got the same guy and held him up for another five minutes yelling at him. This is not a prank. It was genuinely so hard to watch because if it were me, I probably would have had a panic attack and spent the next week being afraid to answer the phone.
Again, prank calls, when they’re actually funny, are great. I loved getting the weird ones that were obviously trolling because it was obvious and that meant there wasn’t a worry that I would get any crap for it, and I could laugh about it later. But calls where the caller are just screaming at you, verbally assaulting you, completely trying to ruin your day, those aren’t funny, they’re just mean.

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