Tales of the “danger zone”

I work for an outsourcer and we work with a glass claims company for vehicles, I finish at 5.45pm. Sat in the danger zone. Call comes through at 5.44pm. Brilliant. Ask for his vehicle reg “oh hang on im driving I’ll have to pull over”. Fantastic. 4 minutes pass in silence, get the reg, go through DPA. No insurance details. Ask for details. He needs to find out underwriter, stated it’s in emails so I have to wait as he won’t be long. 5 minutes pass, advise him to call back with details. “Oh hang on I’ve just got it… oh wait that’s not it give me 20 seconds”. 2 minutes pass, finally get details, turns out we don’t deal with his insurer. Missed my bus home. Gotta wait an hour. How was your day?

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