Insulting Escalated Call With a Guest

Background : The guest is calling because we offered her a refund due to a mistake related to another client we work with. Even though my company isn’t to blame, we fixed the problem and accordingly compensated her in a way that equals an upgrade. Guest overlooked the email we sent to redeem her money, so she called us because we “lied about compensating her”. This is after I fully explained to the guest how to redeem her money, which has been sitting unused for 3 weeks.

A= Agent (me)

C = Customer (person on the phone)

C : Now, because of your failures, I want further compensation, around 250$.

A : I’m really sorry C, I am not able to offer you that, but what I can do is help you to accept the compensation we sent. Are you near a computer?

C : If you were smart you’d do what I tell you, because then you’d get a future customer, instead of one who won’t use you ever again. So do you or don’t you care about customer service?

A : I do care and I want you to have a good experience. I understand this has been frustrating and I am happy to help you redeem the money we promised.

C : Then give me what I want! That’s how you give good service. I know because I work in customer service. The service I got has been horrible from you and your colleagues all along.

A : I am happy to assist, but if the only way I can help is to pay you a large amount of money, I can’t offer that. I am certainly sorry to hear the service hasn’t been satisfactory and I will ask our quality team to review the calls you made to us, to help us improve.

C : Well then who is above you, put them on. If you can’t compensate me, then put on someone who will.

A : I work on the highest line that is currently answering calls.

C : And you can’t do anything except be fucking stupid.

A : Come on C, there is no need to speak to me that way.

C : I will speak any way I want, that’s how I talk. And all you can do is take it. That’s what customer service means.

A : Well I won’t tolerate being degraded and don’t have to.

C : I already said earlier it isn’t you, it is the company I am mad at.

A : Okay, well, let’s get back on track, I will be happy to show you how to get your money. If you’d like I can send you an email with instructions on redeeming it if now isn’t a good time.

C : Yeah? Why don’t you go suck a big fat d*ck

A : (In sarcastic fake nice tone) Alright, C, I hope you have a great day now. BUH BYE.


Edit : Also forgot to mention that the customer said she had over 10,000 instagram followers multiple times throughout the call.

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