Entitled people are so amusing

Just got off a call…. a homeowner called demanding that we fix his unit. We’re not really supposed to help homeowners but I give it a shot. I asked if he could tell me what error he was getting and got the usual pulling of teeth.

“It’s just blinking!”

Me: Yes, but is there a pattern to them. Does one blink and then the other? How many times?

“No, it’s just blinking! You need to fix it!”

Me (annoyed): “Well, without that pattern, I can’t tell you what’s wrong with the unit. You need to call your contractor to get it fixed.”

“What do you mean a contractor? You need to send someone. It’s not working!”

Me: “It doesn’t work that way. You need to go on our website if you are having trouble finding a contractor in your area.”

“No. You need to send someone! And I don’t want to pay any money! These units are brand new! They were here when we got the house.”

Me: “That’s between you and the contractor. Our warranty covers parts but not labor.”

Cue more whining for about 5 minutes.

Like the “twat” post, I should have just said “I’m sorry, but this line is for technicians only” and hung the hell up instead of trying to help him. I don’t know why people feel so delusionaly entitled.

The fact that he wanted a service that we literally can’t provide with no effort on his part was just mind bogging to me.

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