Yes, repeat that, because clearly I’m just stupid.

This isn’t as soul crushing as half the stories here but it’s something that comes up often enough that I just want to put it out there.

I love when customers are on topic. I love when they get to the point, have their information ready, and answer what I ask.

What I DON’T love is when as soon as I answer I get “himynameisjanedoeandmymembernumberisXx1234556700 and I want to place an order”

Me, who was in the middle of filing a replacement in a secondary system not on the ordering screen: “I apologize can you repeat your member number?”

Customer: “oh for fuck sake, really? Maybe if you put down your damn phone you’d have heard me. It’s Xx1234556700.

Me: …..Ok, and your name and birthday?

Customer: I just told it to you! But fine Jane Doe 00/00/0000


Me: Ok and are you the member or are you calling on behalf of the member? (I’m required to ask this)

Customer (to someone next to them): gods dammit I got another slow one.

Yes. Because you’re the customer and the world revolves around you and I’m the slow one because I was in the middle of something when you called.

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