”You need to tell me what the traffic laws are!!”

I remembered this one specific call from a couple of years ago, but honestly we had calls like this all the time from people that received a traffic fine and are mad at the car rental company. How are you gonna call customer service and complain about a fine because you’re a shitty driver??

So this one dude calls us and starts complaining about the rental company and how we’re terrible and want to scam him for damages on a vehicle.

I pull up his case and I see his rental. Turns out it’s an older dude (in his 70s) that is apparently a terrible driver. I see that he took the car, went down a little one way street, turned into a street with prohibited entry, continued driving around and ended up crashing the car by slamming into a giant column holding up the damn city council building.

Now he’s being charged for damages on the vehicle, he’s been blacklisted at the company for driving recklessly and causing a scene, and he’s obviously being fined and possibly sued by the city for driving like that.

This man had the audacity to call and say it wasn’t his fault because we didn’t explain the traffic laws to him. I’m sorry but WHAT?? How are the traffic laws relevant to the fact this man crashed into a whole building?? This is a man in his 70s that has been presumably driving for his entire life.

He said it was our fault for not explicitly telling him that entry was prohibited in that street and had he had known, he wouldn’t have gone there and crashed the car. First of all, people are not your personal GPS. Second, the staff is not psychic to know which street you’re gonna go down on. Third, there are street signs for this. And fourth, if I enter a street I’m not supposed to enter I try and get out of there and NOT crash my car into a government building.

He still insisted it was our fault for not explaining in detail which streets he can drive on. I told him that if he has a driver’s license, he should know how to drive and hung up.

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