Please just shut up and listen

I am currently working a contract for a home furniture company.

When customers no longer want their items they can return with in 30 days for a refund and then after that they can get a replacement if it’s a manufacturer defect or a exchange the item out if it’s in good condition as the company partners with local thrift stores, shelters for completely altruistic (a.k.a. tax write off) reasons.

Anyway when a person calls in to start the return process they have to send in pictures.

I love when people call in or email to “check on the status” of their return and I look and they have sent any pictures. And they said they haven’t. Or they complain about having to “go back and forth” and the process is “such a hassle”. It’s such a /hassle/ because you don’t follow simple directions.

Please. Just follow the directions. If you don’t want to read everything at least read the important stuff that’s BOLDED!

And stop complaining. I’m getting my certification soon and can’t wait to be out of call centers, customer service, and tech support! 🙌

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