Insurance freeloader gets ratted out.

I hope this is allowed as I was not the employee, but the other person on the line.

I had witnessed an accident one day (while on the clock) where a guy rode his bike in front of a moving vehicle and got hit. It was obviously his fault. Being a witness, I had to pull over and give my name and phone number to be contacted by the insurance company (where I am we have only one that deals with all motorists, regardless of type). The cyclist tried to corner me and tell me it was OBVIOUSLY their fault. I was basically just like, “yeah yeah whatever” and wrote my info down. I had to pause and answer a text from my boss asking why the paperwork on the passenger seat hadn’t arrived yet (“I’m almost there but I witnessed an accident so I had to stop. Everyone’s fine but they needed my info for insurance.”), so I was the last one to leave the scene…except this guy. I saw him walk his bike to the next block, check it over, and then ride away!

So anyway, a couple weeks later I was sitting at my desk at work and my phone rang. It was the insurance company.

Her: hi there, is this smbc2023? This is insuranceagent from insurancecompany.

Me: yes, this is she. Hello.

Her: I’m calling about an accident you witnessed involving a motor vehicle and a cyclist.

~ banter about the where and very basic explanation of the how ~

Her: so, in your opinion, whose fault was it?

Me: the cyclist’s.

Her: oh? Why do you say that?

Me: well, mainly because he started off on the sidewalk to my right, was heading straight, and got hit in the second lane from the sidewalk. He could’ve waited for a clear intersection or gone behind the car, but he went in front almost like he wanted to be hit.

Her: oh!

Me: yeah, and don’t let him tell you he’s injured or his bike is wrecked, either.

Her: why’s that?

Me: because not only did I see him walk his bike to the next street, check it over, and then get on and ride away, but I work in the area and need to leave the office several times a day, and I’ve seen him riding around several times since the accident. The most recent time being the other day.

Her: that’s…really good to know. Thank you for that information!

Me: no problem. Anything else?

Her: nope, I think you about covered it. Thanks.

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