In which we discover why all services are down…

I am an optimistic person. I have faith that most people are kind and relatively intelligent. Or, at least, I did – until I’d spent a few years in this job.

Take this call, for example.

Customer reported all services are down. I try telneting in to their fiber optic unit, but it’s unreachable.

Are there any lights on it, I ask? No, none. Is there otherwise power to the outlet it is plugged in to? Yes, there are two devices plugged in to it, both operating just fine.

Definitely need a repair tech, so I book one out. Now usually, the resolution of a situation like this would remain a mystery to me, but in this case, I happened to be working in the dispatch queue when the repair tech sent on this job called in to explain that, NO, they would NOT be completing the repair.

They were pretty emphatic about that, too.

When asked why, they explained that a water main had broken in the yard outside the house, and water was pouring down the inside walls of the basement. In spite of this, the homeowner had a sump pump plugged in to the outlet, and was running it – via extension cords strung just inches above the water line.

The homeowner was super annoyed when they were informed NO ONE was going into their basement until it was dry and safe. They insisted that THEY had gone down there several times, with no issues.

Regardless, no repair for you until we know the electrocution risk is gone.

They whined a bit but finally accepted this answer, but not without a follow up bitch fest on social media about how we “refuse to service our own equipment”.

Yes, very unreasonable of us to refuse to electrocute our staff so that you can get your TV services working again.

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