I think I’m broken to the point of no return…

2 years ago I worked in a Call Center for almost a year and although I made good friends at that place, I ended up so fucked up mentally and physically to the point even today I feel the consequences of that. I know that many people last many years in a call center but for me it was hell on earth. I hate having to sit for hours taking calls feeling that damn pressure from my bosses and the client on the other end of the phone. My patience ran out completely. I didn´t have faith in humanity in general when I got the job the first time, when I got out of there I found myself hating most people even more and trusting less people in general. I hate the fact that just because I live in a third world country, we get paid shit for all the work we do. Every hour we sit here taking calls we generate thousands of dollars for the gringos and from all that shit we do we only get 500 dollars a month in salary. I hate being paid so little to run 8 systems at the same time and take calls from a company that has 3 sub-companies.

1 month ago I took a call center job from home thinking I’d be ready to go through that shit again. Boy, I was so wrong. After 3 weeks of training, we took our first calls during nesting and I collapsed in the first hours. I was totally paralyzed without being able to speak to the client. I felt such horrible sadness and I felt like an hour lasted 5 hours instead. Time goes by so slow and I feel like 8 hours takes a full day when I’m working in that shit. I started with health problems again and although my mom tells me to think about the things I want to buy as motivation, the truth is that it doesn´t work. I don’t want to increase the dose of my antidepressant because this shit is horrible. I feel like I will never be able to have a job like this again. I can’t take this shit any longer. I feel both depressed and anxious.

Oh and by the way, fuck Telus and fuck Enterprise/Alamo and National. Fuck Telus and Direct Energy for not giving a fuck about people who got actual skills and focusing on people who have connections in the company instead. What a shitty company to work in.

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