I had to take a "mental health day"

***Rant coming***

TLDR: Call center jobs suck and mine is the worst company to work for, EVER

Inbound call center for a steamship company. My 17th call this morning was a customer that was very upset. Said he had been trying to get info since yesterday and had called 5 times. I ask for his BOL# so I can help all the while apologizing for all of his trouble. He starts to raise his voice. I asked him again for hi BOL#. Now he is screaming at me. “Sir I understand that you are upset and I apologize for the delays in getting the info to you, may I have your BOL# so I can provide you with that information? Screaming even louder. Sir I need you to lower your voice or I will be forced to terminate the call. Even louder screams. Sir please give us a call back when you can speak to us with out raising your voice. Have a good day. Good bye.

two calls later I get him. Again. This time he calls me “A Fucking Idiot”. Screamed it at me. it was all I could do to not tell him to fuck right off. But I didn’t. I asked him to call back when he was calmer and could speak to us without raising his voice and/or profanity and said goodbye.

I send a message the the supervisor telling exactly what was said and done. She tells me she will call him. In the meantime I am shaking I’m so angry. Then I start to cry out of anger. The supervisor messages me back and says “He won’t be calling back. And for what its worth he apologized. He is overly stressed.” Supervisor tells me to “take a break from the phone but please jump back on as soon as you can as the calls are piling up”. Yeah. No,

Regardless of if the customer apologized or not this is BS! I don’t have to be screamed at or cussed at. For what? A Job? This sort of thing has happened in the past. I have lodged formal complaints to management and nothing has been done. The concerns were never responded to. At all. Nothing. Radio silence.

I sent all of management an email advising what had happened and that I would not be signing back in to the phones today. I can be docked for the day I don’t care. Seriously don’t want to go back.

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