Exhausted call center newbie, can work/life balance be achieved in this industry?

I recently took a 4/h a day part time job at a call center as an English-Spanish interpreter, intending to work on my own projects in the afternoon. I have a college degree (2020 graduate) and couldn’t find a job due to the pandemic, and this company was the only one hiring in my country. The calls are mostly customer service and I translate Spanish speakers that live in the US. The problem is the calls are non- stop, the company gives you no buffer time between calls and it is absolutely exhausting. The pay is extremely low (kind of okay for my country but still very low for the emotional toll of the job) and I have no energy to work on my own projects and business related to my actual career after the job. I’ve tried asking for less hours and their minimum is 4 a day.

I guess where I’m going with this is, does it get easier? Is there a point where this takes as much energy as, say, a part time job serving coffee? Has anyone been successful at balancing a part time job at a call center with their own career aspirations? I’ve only worked here for a week so I want to give it a go but right now my batteries are absolutely drained.

I’m looking forward to your insights!

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