Callers were extra entitled today

Had so many calls today where the customers were blaming us for their mistakes. Here’s a few:

Caller did not fill out a form correctly. We sent a follow up email to let her know. She insisted she did not receive the follow up email therefore we should backdate her change. Payment had to be made today to prevent cancellation. Ended up escalating.

Caller was not using motorcycle in the winter months and wanted to lower his coverage. He stated he hasn’t called until now, but we should of gave him a courtesy call in the beginning of winter to see if he needed to lower his coverage 😒. This is not a thing. Couldn’t do anything because it was still being financed.

And my favorite. Caller didn’t make last months payment. We didn’t cancel but put the next payment onto this months. They were angry saying they weren’t informed when we sent email and mail correspondence. Said they would call back to cancel.

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