Tech: "A cap and two pounds of freon." Me: "Are you sure about that?" Tech: "Yep I know, that was the claim." Me: "This is a dryer claim." Tech: "….."

In the Scam Home Warranty business, the people are represented by two separate but equally lazy groups: The Authorization agents, who deny claims and smoke like chimneys, and the technicians who lie through their teeth to snag a few extra bucks. These are their stories CLICK CLICK

(Background – long, TLDR provided below) Summer in Texas is hot as hell and some technicians take as many AC claims as possible to expand their customer base without any intention on servicing them in a timely manner.

Johnson’s AC worked near Dallas and had a range of 100 miles. Johnson was pushing 60 and forgetful, but had a really excellent office manager who handled all his billing and dispatch. One day she quit, or her fired her (we didn’t know which) and he was back to doing it all by himself.

Instantly customers noted the difference because his technicians were always late or blew off appointments and he had a new story for every customer. Adding to these issues was his capacity to bill almost exactly $175 on every claim.

Some auth guys loved him because a $175 auth is pretty consistent and you can offset that if you have to throughout the day – but I picked up on what was actually going on very quickly.

He was lying on almost every claim. When he’d call in with 15 claims in a row, sure you could crank them out fast but none of the numbers ever added up if you looked close enough.

TLDR – I arranged a trap for a lazy tech

Tech calls in and wouldn’t you know it, its Johnson himself talking like he gargled with gravel from the bottom of a fishtank.

Me: “Can we get started with a claim number.”

Tech: “I need ya to pull up my account.”

Me: “Why?”

Tech: “Son, my account is on hold and I can’t accept any new work right now.”

Me: “Correct.”

Tech: “So pull up my account and tell me why?”

Me: “It is because you have multiple claims in Vendor Call Back status. We emailed you a summary of this last night.”

Tech: “Yeah I don’t have that email handy so I need you to do it for me.”

Me: “Are you not in your office? I can put you on hold until you can find the email.”

Tech: “Son just pull up my account and don’t be such a jerk, I do plenty a work for you’all.”

Me: “You have 11 claims in VCB status.”

Tech: “Which one is first?”

Me: “Claim #”

Tech: “Yeah that customer aint picking up her phone, put it in customer call back instead of VCB.”

Me: “Notes on the claim from just this morning from customer service indicate that it is you who are not picking up the phone. They also say your voicemail is full. You were supposed to service them days ago.”

Tech: “Get your hearing checked son, they aint picking up their phone!”

Me: “Alright.”

Tech: “What’s the next claim?”

Me: “We’re still on this claim.”

Tech: “Why the hell, I just told you they aint picking up their phone?!”

Me: “Yes I’ve notated the claim as such but I cannot move forward with it nor change its status until I or customer service hears back from the customer.”

Tech: “You have got to be kidding me.”

Me: “Ok, I’ll put you on hold and make the call myself. That way we can handle this claim properly together now instead of waiting on another department.”

Tech: “Oh wait, I just remembered! (audible shuffling of paper) I got a tech over there just an hour ago they forgot to submit the invoice online. (audible shuffling of paper) Yeah looks like it was a….cap and two pounds of freon.”

Me: “Are you sure about that?”

Tech: “Yep I know, that was the claim.”

Me: “This is a dryer claim.”

Tech: “…….”

Me: “I have notated the claim and reassigned it. Unfortunately I cannot go over any more claims with you until you have spoken with the head of vendor relations as there is now a supervisor hold on your account.”

Tech: “You are f*cking with the wrong tech son.”

Me: “Due to profanity I must end the call.”


On claim: tech caught lying on claim to pretend it was an AC claim and get hold removed from claim and/or hide VCB status – tasked to head of Vendor Relations

Epilogue: Next morning I’m in the head of Operations office.

Boss: “You know Johnson sent me a 3 page email last night, he wants you gone.”

Me: “Feeling is mutual, you know as well as I do he’s cooking the books.”

Boss: “Yes, we’re handling that in-house. But do you have another tech in your back pocket that can run 20K worth of claims a week in Texas?”

Me: “No.”

Boss: “So let us handle him until we do. You can’t hang up on a tech that big.”

Me: “He’s tying up my line and demanding to have lies on every claim he didn’t feel like running.”

Boss: “Change the status on the claim like he asks, but task me not vendor relations from now on.”

Me: “Fine.”

Boss: “You know if that email of his ended up in the VP’s office, she’d have you out the door within the hour.”

Me: “Yes, I know.”

Boss: “Great. Now get back to work Colombo.”

​If you or someone you know has a home warranty and you wanna talk about it or something, let me know I’m happy to help you in any way I can. We denied 70% of claims, they can afford to cover one claim once in a while.

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