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I work as a technical support/escalated call handler for an insurance call center. I work a late night shift. Most of my calls are helping reps navigate the ins and outs of various insurance contracts. One of my many duties of this job is understanding underwriting criteria and explaining it to others, including customers when they request to hear my lovely voice. As a result, I oftentimes deliver bad news. This call was definitely not an exception.

As insurance is regulated on a state level, something that can pass muster in one state may not cut it in another state. If we find that your policy is written for State X, but you and your insured item live in State Y, we will make you rewrite for your new state. If you don’t rewrite, we’ll nonrenew your policy.

Cast of Characters: Me, Enraged Customer (EC), and Rep

Me: Customer Support Line, this is mentalgopher, how may I help you today?

Rep: You see Enraged Customer’s policy coming up?

Me: Yeah, what’s wrong?

Rep: He’s mad because it ended last week and he can’t renew it. He wants to speak with a supervisor about it.

Me: Send him through.

(Rep breathes a sigh of relief and transfers the caller to me.)

Me: Hi, my name is mentalgopher. Am I speaking with Enraged Customer?

EC: Yeah, you f**kin’ @$$holes cancelled my f**kin’ policy without tellin’ me.

Me (Reviewing notes): Well, sir, we have you living in State Y, correct?

EC: Yeah I moved, but that’s got f**kin’ nothin’ to do with nothin’.

Me: Well, your policy is written for State X, so it has everything to do with everything. Did you check your emails for these notices sent on dates A, B, C, and D reminding you that this policy was not renewing?

EC: I didn’t get no f**kin’ emails.

Me: Okay, but you quoted a new policy for State Y about three weeks prior to the first notice being emailed. We also mailed you notifications via USPS.

EC: You gonna f**kin’ fix my policy or what?

Me: Well, you’re gonna have to write a new policy for State Y.

EC: Listen, I gotta f**kin’ give Lyft proof of insurance or I’ll get dropped. Can we make this f**kin’ quick?

To EC’s credit, his nonrenewed personal auto policy had the endorsement for driving this vehicle for a Transportation Network Company (TNC). However, not all states allow all insurers to have the TNC endorsement on a personal auto policy. So we would usually refer EC to our commercial auto division for a livery policy (fancy word for taxis). But this insurer isn’t necessarily able to write a livery policy in all states. EC was living in state Y, which not only does NOT allow for TNC endorsements on a personal auto policy with this insurer, but also does not allow our commercial division to write livery policies.

Me: Yes. As you’ve told me on a recorded line that you drive for Lyft, we can NOT offer a personal auto policy for you in State Y. Normally, I’d refer you to our commercial division. However, we don’t write the alternative policy type we normally offer to customers in your situation in State Y, either. You’ll need to seek insurance elsewhere.

EC then proceeds to go on a rant about how every insurance company is comprised of communists, we’re out to get him and screw over the little guy. He does it for almost seven straight minutes without taking a breath or giving any room for me to cut in. Then he stops and realizes what he’s done.

EC: I told you to make it f**kin’ quick!

Me: I did. I told you no and why it wasn’t happening. Did you have any other questions?

EC: Don’t take up so much of my valuable time! *click*

TL;DR- Guy is upset we cut off service based on moving outside of the service area. He wanted his problem fixed stat. I explain why it couldn’t be done. Guy yells for prolonged period, then lectures me about wasting his time.

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