Member drives over our drivers arm and then flees the scene

So some background info. I work in emergency roadside assistance (ERS) as a dispatcher (DI). Night shift doesn’t always have a supervisor and last night was one of those nights which is why we found out about this right way. The DI from 3rd shift immediately messaged our supervisor when she got in around 6:30am. This happened at 4am last night.

So like I just said, we got a call around 4am last night for a vehicle the had no keys. The driver goes out and arrives on location but the customer wasn’t there yet. So while he was waiting for the customer to arrive, he starts loading the vehicle up. Well the customer arrives and she and (We’re assuming it’s her husband/boyfriend) jump out and tell the driver they no longer need service.

So the driver says okay just let me get it unhooked. Instead of the member waiting for him to finish, they jump in the vehicle while it was still on the back of his truck. (This is a big no no) As he’s removing the last chain, the member starts the car and throws the vehicle in reverse and guns the vehicle off the back of the truck and RUN OVER THE ARM OF THE DRIVER IN THE PROCESS.

Now, most people would immediately stop and offer to call an ambulance or to at least check on the driver but nope. They took off. The driver ends up call us and (understandably) was screaming and crying from the pain. The DI that got his call ended up calling an ambulance for him but did lose connection with him and he didn’t answer when she called him back. She ended up calling the owner of the company he worked for (we call them garages) to let them know what happened.

My supervisor did call the owner herself as well and thankfully the driver is doing okay. They’re talking to the member now and will be filing a police report. I just want to know what was going through the members head because I’m pretty sure that if you didn’t FEEL it when you ran over his arm that you would have figured it out by the drivers screams. Their accounts been sent to our critical incident team for review and I told my supervisor that if they don’t lose their membership after this, that I will lose all faith in the company going forward. Because they could have killed the driver.

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