Told customer got to hell

I work at a home warranty and a customer called in and I advised her that we will be covering $475 out of her $700 repair for her plumbing . She was so rude on the phone (Like all of them are) and said she isn’t going to pay anything. I told her “well then you won’t have anything done”. She says that she doesn’t want to pay anything and wants to speak to someone else because she doesn’t want to use the plumber through our warranty. We are not able to transfer (even if I did another rep would tell her the same thing) She was being really sassy so I told her she can hang up and call back. Then she’s say “And you got to hell”. So I said “You as well! Thank you for calling …” and hung up 😂😂 what is wrong with these customers. I honestly don’t care if I get in trouble, I’m over this job 🤷🏽‍♂️

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I finally left my home warranty job…

"I don’t like to wait and also I refuse to give you any helpful information"