"I don’t like to wait and also I refuse to give you any helpful information"

A client calls in and informs me he’s a very impatient person and he doesn’t like to wait. It’s very important that he talks with his injury adjuster right away. He can’t remember her name.

“All right sir, what’s your claim number?”

Him: I don’t have it. I need to talk with my injury adjuster now. I can’t remember her name.

Me: What’s your policy number?

Him: I don’t have it. I told you, I don’t like to wait. You wouldn’t like me if I got more impatient.

Me: I’m trying to find your claim as fast as possible sir. What’s your name?

Him: Karenic McKaren

Me: Ah, I see you have three claims open. Tell me the date of loss and I’ll be able to quickly identify which claim you’re calling about.

Him: I told you that I’m very impatient and I don’t like to wait.

Me: I understand that sir, but there are three open claims and I need a little more info from you, in order to determine which claim you’re calling about.

Him: It’s the one with the telephone pole. Put me through to my adjuster now. I’m injured and I don’t like to wait. I get frustrated very easily.

Me: Okay sir, I’m going to look at each of your claims to determine which of them involves a telephone pole. It would go quicker if you could give me the date of the accident. Was it in April of 2019? September 2019? January 2020?

Him: I don’t remember. You’re making me very frustrated. You really don’t want to hear what I’m like when I get very mad.

Me: Sorry, just trying to find the right claim as fast as possible. I’ll check them one by one, then.

I check first claim – no telephone pole.

Him: I told you, I. Don’t. Like. To. Wait. Every single time I call, you people make me wait.

Me: I heard you sir. As I told you, I need more info to determine which of your three open claims involves a telephone pole, since you can not provide me with the claim number or the date of the incident.

It’s the second claim I check.

Me: Okay sir, I have found the claim with the telephone pole. I’m going to give you the claim number so that you can write it down for future reference.

Him: … Why would I do that?

Me: Because you don’t like to wait. Hopefully you won’t have to call us about this claim again, but if you do, you’ll have the claim number written down for quick reference.

Him: You’ve wasted enough of my time already. I don’t have a pen.

Me: I just thought that I would give you some information to help you in the future. Since you don’t like to wait.

Him: You making me very frustrated. You people make me wait every single time.

Me: Just trying to help you, sir. Let me see if your adjuster is available.

She is and I warm transfer him.

I don’t think it was pain that was causing him to be so uncooperative. He had the lazy tone of a Karen, willfully not writing anything down so he could be a Karen every time he calls.

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