"This is a scam and I am reporting you for your ignorance"

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This happened within the past hour and will not leave my head. People call my line for a free bottle of a supplement. I gather their info and start going into the upsells. I have a few of them, but I try and get them done quick. This guy, let’s call him DA (Dumb Ass) for short.

Me: “I have an available offer that let’s you get 6 bottles of this supplement for $171 as opposed to the $300 it would cost you to get 6 bottles at full price.”

DA: “I would like to stick with the original offer.”

Okay, you could’ve just said no, but whatever. Next offer. “Well then, here’s an offer for 3 bottles for $85 as opposed to the $150.” A little background, the company that offers these supplements demands every agent follow the script verbatim and go through every offer in pretty much all circumstances.

DA: “I would like to stick with the original offer.”

Me: “Sir, you said that already and there is no need to repeat yourself. I only need a yes or no. We doubt you’ll want to pay full price if you like what you see, so how about I break that $85 into 3 payments of $28 and change? And if you don’t like it, you can return it to get that back.”

DA: “I would like to go with the original offer, are you going to give it to me or not?”

Alright, now I’m starting to get irritated. “Fine, then we’ll just send what you called about, you will never be able to accept those offers again.”

Another product we offer is something for blood flow, seeing as help in the bedroom is a common thing we are asked about. “Now, if you want, we can also add something else to support blood flow to help in the bedroom. Normally this costs $40, but we can send as a one time shipment for $20.”

DA: “I want what I called about, are you going to send it to me or not?”

Me: “You are the consumer, you are obligated to hearing different offers in case you hear something you wanna take, and you won’t know if you don’t hear it.”

DA: “That is not true, I do not want anything but what I called about.” This kills me.

Me: “And while I get where you’re coming from, let me try and prove you wrong by bringing it down to $10, 75% off-“

DA: “This is a scam, this offer is a scam and this company will reported for it and for your ignorance.”

It’s at this point where I want to reach through my computer screen and throttle this guy. If you thought that, why did you call? I drop all empathy and just jump straight to the wrap up: “Fine, then here’s your total after tax, you will never be shipped anything else unless you call CS to order at full price, you will never be able to accept my offers again. I am sorry you didn’t understand that I was only trying to save you money in the long run, good day.”

I hung up on him at this point. I have to deal with the type of braindead idiot every day and I do not understand why they are allowed to do anything. You have zero common sense and you obviously don’t understand english, why the FUCK are you allowed to have money?

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