Long time lurker here. Been working in a call centre for 5 years struggled on and off throughout that time, pretty much know it’s the job having a bad effect on my mental health. However recently I am struggling going to work I’m currently WFH due to covid. I’ve had most of this week off I’m on the phone crying in-between every call, having panic attacks, no idea where this has come from, thinking maybe I’m at the end now where I just can’t do this job anymore.

I’m scared to quit incase I can’t get another job, I feel so stuck and hopeless, anyone else who has been in this situation have any advice? How you escaped? If you quit did that effect you getting another job like what did you say when they asked why you quit your previous job?

Thank you

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  1. I feel the same way too. Been doing the call center job for about 3 years now. If it was for the money I would have already left. I don’t know where you are located but all the minimum wage jobs are no where near what I make now. A good thing to do it after a stressful call take you a good 5 mins to your self. Remember its just a job. Hope things get better for you.

  2. If you’re an experienced work from home agent and need a chance to work for a company that gives a crap about you, where the worst customers can be classified as a bit cranky at worst, and that pays you a decent living wage to start, apply at You will thank me!! I DID quit my job with nothing to fall back on. Was scared as hell!! One of my best friends from the shithole i was working had already started an convinced me to give it a shot. Hiring right now for Apple. Just doing Post Sales Support. Only customers we deal with are ones that ordered stuff online. Its super chill as soon as you have been on the “calling floor” for 3 weeks. Trust me. Its scary at first, but suck in everything you can in training and you’ll be fine!! Theres a referral bonus thats AWESOME too, but for the sake of privacy i won’t share my name on a public site. Just pay it forward and get your friends from that shit show company you work for now to sign up too. We’re growing and we want you!!

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