No difference between credit card number and social

I’ve posted a few times on here but this one, I need to tell somebody.

I work for a pretty large bank/credit card company. Currently working from home because of covid. Since being WFH we’re on a new system that does not relay any info the customer enters during the automated system, which can be annoying but most people roll with it. Here’s out it went

Me: thanks for calling, can I have your name please

Cm: my name is customer

Me: awesome thanks and are you the primary card holder?

Cm: yes

Me: okay perfect, can you please provide me with the last four of your SSN one more time?

Cm: 1234

Me: perfect thank you

Cm: why are you asking me these questions

Me: just so I can pull up your account and assist you today

Cm: if you don’t have my account up how are you going to help me?

Me: don’t worry, if you would please be kind enough to also verify your DOB I’ll be able to pull up your account.

Cm: 01/01/9999

No accounts found

Me: alright, let me just confirm I heard your info correctly. I have the last four of your SSN as 1234 and your DOB is 01/01/999?

Cm: yes

No accounts found

Me: I’m so sorry, I’m having a bit of a hard time getting your account here. Just to make sure, you said 1234 was the last four of your SSN?

Cm: yes, I’m looking at my card right now and that’s what it says

Me: sir… I need the last 4 of our SNN, not your credit card number

Cm: oh, why didn’t you say that! This whole time I thought you wanted the last four of the card.


After we got passed that it was a pretty pleasant call and he was a fairly easy customer. I just don’t understand how you can be so dense

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