I know you’re not in this department, but…

I work as a customer service rep for a popular newspaper in the USA. My job is to help people access their accounts online and assist with any delivery accommodations or complaints essentially. No one in our department has anything to do with the editorial area or any of the content in the newspaper. I got a call today that went something like that. (CX is customer)

Me: Hi, my name is themadbelle. May I have the account holders first and last name please?

CX: I know you are not in the editorial department, but I want to complain about this article depicting Democrats as problem starters when the president is acting like a dictator!!

Me: I am sorry about your dissatisfaction, sir. Wouod you like for me to pull up your account and submit a VOC (voice of customer) for the complaint of an article.

CX: I am not giving you my information! F*** you, and f*** the (insert newspaper)!!

He did say a bit more, but I do not remember the exact details. But why go off on me when you know that there is nothing I can do???

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