If you hate our hold muzak so much, why do you keep calling us to complain about it?

I’ve worked in various insurance call centers off and on for the last ten years. My current job is actually in handling technical support and handling escalated calls/contract enforcement calls. These include calls that are escalated because the caller is verbally abusive. I have a reputation for being really patient with customers, no matter how crazy. I also have a reputation for being very direct with people.

Me: Technical Support, this is Mentalgopher. What can I do for you?

CSR: My customer is demanding a refund for his time on the phone. He thinks he should be compensated for being forced to listen to our hold muzak.

Me: (Reviews the extensive notes on the customer’s policy and notices multiple references to him accessing his policy online.) Is he aware that there’s a chat option for contacting us rather than calling into us directly?

CSR: He wants to speak with a supervisor about this, by the way.

Me: So he’s requesting to hear my lovely voice? I mean, I’m happy to talk to him, I guess.

CSR then patches customer through.

Customer: Are you a manager?

Me: My name is Mentalgopher and I’m a supervisor. I understand you’re requesting a refund?

Customer: I need to be compensated for my time on the phone. Your hold muzak is offensive to good taste.

Me: Sir, we’re an insurance company. We’re not going to be refunding you because you’re choosing to call us on the phone in spite of our hold muzak. Is there something that I can do to help you on your policy?

Customer: Well, that’s racist of you. You’re refusing to do it because I’m a minority.

Me: Sir, we’re legally prohibited from giving you money without a justifiable reason for doing so. The Department of Insurance does not view a dislike of our hold muzak as justifiable. Was there something I could do to help you on your policy?

Customer proceeds to give me very detailed instructions on how I can go f**k myself.

Me: Duly noted. Was there anything else I could do to help you with your policy?

Customer hangs up.

I checked on this guy’s policy a week later. He cancelled his policy after another 54 calls in 3 days to us. We can say for certain that no one was sad to see him go.

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